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Okuno's Research Team

We perform fundamental and applied research on sustainable energy ecosystems, including subsurface energy resources and carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS).  I am the director for the Energi Simulation industrial affiliate program on carbon utilization and storage (ES CarbonUT), which serves as a catalyst for practical solutions to the energy transition. 

​Research Job Openings

Posted December 7, 2023
We are seeking highly motivated individuals to join our research team in CCUS and EOR. Two openings are as follows:

Lab-experimental research

The successful candidate will perform laboratory experimental studies on carbon capture, utilization & storage (CCUS) and enhanced oil recovery (EOR); e.g., enhanced carbon storage, CO2 mineralization, rock-fluid interactions in CCUS and EOR, gas/solvent EOR, tight oil/gas recovery, thermodynamics, and equation of state. Desired skills/knowledge include high-pressure/high-temperature PVT, HP/HT coreflooding, and analytical instruments for chemical/material characterization.  

Numerical modeling research

The successful candidate will perform computational studies on the topics listed above; in particular, we would be most interested in working with an experienced modeler in thermodynamics and interfacial science. 

These positions require excellent English proficiency (written and spoken). A starting salary depends on the candidate’s qualifications.  The title can be postdoctoral fellow, research associate, or research engineering/scientist.  

Contact: Ryosuke Okuno (

​Upcoming Events


2024 SPE Improved Oil Recovery Conference

2024 SPE Improved Oil Recovery Conference

Tesleem (PhD student), Hao (PhD student), Abouzar (Research Associate), and Dr. Okuno will present three papers at SPE IOR in Tulsa, April 23 – 25, 2024.
1. Aqueous Ketone Solution for Wettability Alteration in High-salinity-high-temperature Carbonate Reservoirs
2. Aqueous Nanobubble Dispersion of CO2 for Enhanced Oil Recovery - Coreflooding and Huff-n-puff Experiments
3. Techno-Economic-Environmental Analysis of CO2 Storage and EOR in an Underdeveloped Field

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