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Vitor Felipe Hage Serra

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GLT 5.240


Visiting Ph.D. Student

Vitor Felipe Hage Serra


Vitor Serra is PhD student in Brazil at the Department of Geophysics of the Federal University of Pará-Brazil. He develops research in petrophysics with a focus on acidification of carbonate rocks under the guidance of Professor Dr. Pedro Aum. He obtained a master’s degree in Geology and Geochemistry from the Federal University of Pará in 2016 with studies on gold mineralization in igneous rocks and completed a bachelor's degree in Geology from the same university in 2008. He currently concentrates his research on the study of acidification of carbonate rocks analogous to the oil reservoirs of the Brazilian pre-salt.

In parallel to his academic life, Vitor Serra also works as a geomechanical engineer of oil wells as a professional hired by the company PETROBRAS, focusing on geomechanical projects and projects of dissolution and creep of salt

Research Area

  • Carbon Capture - CO2 mineralization

Selected Publications

  1. SERRA, V, F, H. &, SANTOS M, D. Structural Control of the Palito Gold Deposit, Itaituba-PA. In: Brazilian Congress of Geology, 2008, Curitiba. Expanded Abstracts Newsletter, 2008.

  2. CUNHA, A. C. S. ; OLIVEIRA, K. M. G. ; CAXIAS, P. C. S. ; LIMA, I. R. A. ; LUCAS, C. R. S. ; SILVA, D. N. N. ; AUM, P. T. P. ; SERRA, Vitor Felipe Hage . Exploring the Internal Structure of Lagoa Salgada Stromatolites Using High-Resolution X-ray Microtomography. In: 6th Brazil Interpore Chapter Conference on Porous Media, 2023, Campinas. 6th Brazil Interpore Chapter Conference on Porous Media, 2023.


  • Ph.D., Federal University of Pará – Brazil, Petrophysic (The University of Texas at Austin as a visitor student (2026)

  • M.S., Federal University of Pará – Brazil, Geology and Geochemistry (2016)

  • B.E. Federal University of Pará - Brazil, Geology (2008)

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