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Hirotake Kitagawa

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GLT 5.240


Visiting Researcher

Hirotake Kitagawa


Hirotake Kitagawa is a visiting researcher in the Hildebrand Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering at UT Austin. He obtained his master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at Chiba University in Japan and bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at Chiba University in Japan. He has been working with Professor Ryosuke Okuno since 2024 on Geologic Carbon Sequestration. His current research focuses on evaluating an applicability of silica nanofluid for the field.

He has been working at Inorganic material department in Nissan Chemical Corporation for 10 years. His current job is to apply inorganic nanoparticles to Geologic Carbon Sequestration as well as EOR.

Research Area

  • Geologic Carbon Sequestration

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery

  • Nanoparticles

Selected Publications

• NK. Jha, H. Kitagawa, M. Abe, T. Sonoda, S. Murakami, M. Farrokhrouz, A. Keshavarz, S. Iglauer, SPE-215252-MS, “Chemically enhanced carbon dioxide geosequestration using nanofluids”

DOI: 10.2118/215252-MS

H. Kitagawa, N. Ichikuni, H. Okuno, T. Hara, S. Shimazu, Appl. Catal. A. 478 (2014) 66-70, “XAFS and HAADF STEM combined characterization for size regulated Ni nanocluster catalyst and its unique size dependence for water gas shift reaction”



• M.S., Chiba University, Chemical Engineering (2014)

• B.E. Chiba University, Chemical Engineering (2012)

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