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Annual Consortium Meeting

The 2023 annual meeting of Energi Simulation IAP on Carbon Utilization and Storage, chaired by Dr. Ryosuke Okuno, was held at the The University of Texas at Austin (May 9-10). Innovative research plan and results on the use of CO2 nano-bubble, formic acid, solvent and other technologies for CCUS were being discussed.

Industrial participants: Energi Simulation, Japan Petroleum Exploration Co.,Ltd, JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Co, Oxy, OCOchem, Formosa Petrochemical Co., ULTIMATE EOR SERVICES, LLC, Computer Modelling Group Ltd., Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd., ExxonMobil, and Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. 

Presented topics:

  1. Aqueous nanobubble dispersion - overview (Speaker: Ryosuke Okuno)

  2. N2 and CO2 nanobubble dispersion (Speakers: Tesleem Lawal and Hao Wang)

  3. Modeling of aqueous nanobubble dispersion (Speakers: Sofiane H. Achour and Kai Sheng)

  4. Wettability in the CO2-rock-brine system and a simulation case study (Speaker: Abouzar Mirzaei Paiaman)

  5. CO2 transport and equilibrium in tight oil/gas formations (Speaker: Sofiane H. Achour)

  6. Properties of formate solution and simulation case studies using SPE 11 (Speakers: Kai Sheng and Oluwafemi P. Oyenowo)

  7. Geochemistry of high-concentration formate solution for geologic carbon sequestration (Speaker: Oluwafemi P. Oyenowo)

  8. CO2 capture by surface active amines (Speakers: Abdulmuiz Adekomi and Omar A. Carrasco Jaim)

  9. Electrochemical reduction of CO2 into formate - Enhancement by Bi-doped SnO2 (Speaker: Omar A. Carrasco Jaim)

  10. DME for reducing carbon intensity of heavy oil recovery (Speakers: Hassan Amer and Kai Sheng)

  11. Application of ketone solvent for EOR and CCUS (Speaker: Ryosuke Okuno)

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